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Friday, March 25, 2005

Intimate Strangers

Dont read the dvd cover, it's a spoiler.
Intriuging, slight movie, holds your attention though, especially psychotherapy junkies and people people.
Slow, French with subtitles. Like the nyt says "a sophisticated fairytale"
Worth a watch.

Monday, March 21, 2005


A haunting big hearted movie. Abbie Cornish is the focus in a visually stunning portrayal of the efforts of a young woman to navigate through sex and relationships. American Beauty from the other end.

Well deserved the pile of Australian Film Institute awards (AFI) 2004: Won: Best film, Best actor in a leading role (Sam Worthington), Best actress in a leading role (Abbie Cornish), Best direction (Cate Shortland), Best actor in a supporting role (Nathaniel Dean, Erik Thomson), Best actress in a supporting role (Hollie Andrew, Lynette Curran), Best original screenplay (Cate Shortland), Best cinematography (Robert Humphreys ACS), Best editing (Scott Gray), Best original music score (Decoder Ring), Best sound (Mark Blackwell, Peter Smith, Sam Petty), Best production design (Melinda Doring), Best costume design (Emily Seresin)

Cate Shortland ... Screenwriter, Director, earned her stripes on the acclaimed TV drama The Secret Life of Us

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